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The Prophesy of the First
A practical guide to the understanding of the foretold prophecies of this age
by Lanoo s

He who hath an ear let him hear
            Let him hear the wonders and wisdom of the universe
            Let him hear the voice that speaks in the silence of the glorious and sacred luminosity of his own heart.
            Let him hear the voice of the master, intimate, guru, angel or god that crieth aloud in the desolation of his own wilderness, in the darkness of the night searching for his lost soul.

Each one of us upon this magnificent globe we call the Earth is part of a family that encompasses the entire universe.  As brothers and sisters, in our innermost, we share a common thread which is the way, the absolute truth and the Love of all life.  The spirit and life itself are one and the same.
            In the very depths and heart of our Being we are equal in the sight of God yet magically enough solely unique.  The purpose of human life is to experience this unified wholeness and as well the sacredness of one’s own individuality.
            The kingdom of God, its greatest treasure is within the burning flame of the one who honors the father in the highest (which is in heaven.)
            Just as the stars of our galaxy fill the sacred space, each of us has a father, the true Self, a spirit that blazes forth the glory of god in the brightness of the heavens.
            They are the eternal and forever burning torches of sanctity, joy and bliss.
            The spirit is loyal, compassionate, kind, just, peaceful.  It is virtue itself and always pure for it is an expression of the Great Spirit, the universal Creator who fashioned all things according to its divine intent.
To realize the Self is to come to know firsthand the divine will of one’s father and this is done by developing all the inner and superior faculties of one’s Being.

         For those who seek the mysteries of creation, the mysteries of the soul, flesh and the spirit, ask and you will receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you.  But unless one knocks, unless they seek then the door will not be opened nor shall they find!
            Even mothers can bear agony only for so long. Behold if you can, the words of the Sage that speaks openly and clearly of the foreboding doom and how to escape it. When in the course of her throes and bloodletting, (oil is the blood of the earth) mother earth purges herself of the parasitical inhabitants of her surface, the intellectual animal falsely called “man”.
            Many of the forever kept secrets and particular sacred practices of the doctrine of love were kept well hidden behind closed doors and only divulged to those who proved their devotion to the studies of the internal virtues.  Now they are being openly revealed to the populace.
            Why now and not before is because this humanity is already immersed in the times of the end and to have unveiled the doctrine beforehand would have resulted in it being blasphemed even more so by the profane, twisted and deceptively altered.

This book is dedicated to all those who perform the great work of self realization, the complete development of all the inner capacities of the Being. And for those courageous enough to separate the truth from falsehood.

Herein is the doctrine to transform an intellectual animal into a real man, a beast into an angel. These forces of creation that transform are very powerful but such is the time that warrants this information to be delivered.  The heavens await, the feast has been prepared but few are there that come to dine.

This doctrine is given so that those who want to eat of the bread of life and drink of its wine may do so to be pure likened unto the innocence of a child

With so many religions abound few are the followers who have a direct experience with the wisdom of God albeit the world is overpopulated with, "Believers".  The structures of religions lack various essential and practical tools for the liberation of its seekers of faith. If Jesus Christ himself were to walk into ninety five per cent of ministries and start preaching the holy gospel, he´d be laughed at or called insane. Why because few are there that understand the fundamental principles of the divine creation. They are content with thinking of themselves as already “Saved”.    Belief or intuition is a first step because without it one would not further investigate its presence. However belief cannot and will not stand alone. One needs direct experience of the divine. That knowing, that surety, that trust in oneself and in god is the faith the size of a mustard seed which can literally move mountains. Faith too is when one has trust in the spirit in times of trial. When the world seems to be pulled from under them.

" When you have purified your hearts by faith, the king will enter in and you will see his face." -Aquarian Gospel 68: 10-14
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Beautiful. Thanks for this.
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