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We are a group interested in spiritual experiences with God.

We encourage anyone of any religion pertaining to God to write about their spiritual revelations or feelings.

Rather you want to give testimonies, write an opinion, show your poetry, share a prayer or just write about God, you are welcome here in our group.

There will be NO bashing of any kind of other religions. This is a place of collaboration between religions. To share spiritual experiences with God.

Rather if you are a Mormon, non-denominational, or another type of Christian... We would like to hear from you.

Submission Rules:

1. You can submit as many deviations as you want a day.

2. Please submit your work to the right folders. If you have a piece of work that you do not think fits the description of a folder, then put it in the miscellaneous folder.
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Dec 3, 2010

North America

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Satan’s Great Weapon

If you did not know it, I share it with you now; this bitter fact that you may or may not be aware of. We are at war with statistics. This is a Universal Fact, because it is a Universal Law. This holds True because GOD holds True. God is not just the God of Israel, but indeed, HE is real. Personal belief holds no relevance in the Face of Fact, that is, that which is True, in form and absoluteness, in not the finite, but the infinite.

Truth is Infinite, and lie is finite, this holds true.

This is to say, a lie must surrender to Truth, and yield to its LAW, for IT is, and a lie is not. A lie holds no value, numerically, or spiritually. A lie is a virus. It corrupts. It is corrupted data. It is a Babylonian worm in your hard drive. In the fateful words of Admiral Ackbar, simply put, ‘It’s a trap!’ (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) But truly, it is. And if a lie is a trap, then what sets you free? The Truth.

So what is the greatest weapon Satan uses? His virus. The lie. This void thing, which is counterfeit, slips in and becomes a corrupting virus. What becomes of this?

The Statistic, and so begins The War of Numbers. The lie is born; the statistic is born of infraction.

A war of numbers is what we are fighting. This is an attempt at a statistical annihilation of the principles of God. That is what we are dealing with. Satan’s war machine is the statistic.

About the statistic… what is it?

n. noun
1. A numerical datum.
2. A numerical value, such as standard deviation or mean, that characterizes the sample or population from which it was derived.
3. One viewed as a nameless item of statistical information.
(Definition by

With the introduction of statistic, come various fields of ‘probability’ warfare. So Satan is able to set into motion his machine, and the numbers do the rest. They multiple, and the virus spreads throughout. If the head is sick then the whole body is sick.

The probability of Sin is such born in a numerical infraction, a virus.

1. in·frac·tion
noun: infraction; plural noun: infractions
1. a violation or infringement of a law, agreement, or set of rules. Synonyms: violation, contravention, breach, transgression, infringement, offense: neglect, dereliction, noncompliance: contumacy “leaving the grounds before noon is an infraction of the rules”

So with this knowledge of Sin, comes Law. Governance. A contract.

From the time a baby leaves the womb it is exposed to a world of sin, and therein becomes subject to the probability fields. This is a HORROR. You really are in state of Spiritual Warfare through ‘the Numbers’ and your very soul is at stake. Don’t believe me? Fine. Don’t believe in God? FINE.

Let us consider it this way.

In less than the time it takes you to read this sentence, a child in America will drop out of school.

A child has just ran away from home, to face the World in the time it takes you to finish this sentence. They could not take it anymore. As you read this they are in a state of panic, and I hope tonight you pray for them when they are shivering, cold, hungry, desperate, and alone, and looking up at neon signs while the predators watch the newly introduced prey.

Since you have begun reading this someone has been raped.

Someone has been made the victim of a sexual crime.

A child was just now beaten and left in tears, shaking on the ground wondering what is the matter with him or her that would warrant such brutality.

It's heartbreaking. I know. Keep reading. A baby was just aborted.

A teenager is pregnant now, and in nine months another child will be borne of a child.

Imagine right now, you yourself going into your child’s room and looking at them sit, full of questions with curious hurt in their child eyes, imagine grabbing them by the nape of the neck, and dragging them to the front door, and kicking them out from home and onto the street, because in the time it takes you to read this, that has just happened to a child.

Yes, God is REAL.

And so is Satan.

It’s all in the numbers.


They are brutal.

Wickedness is a growing number. Soon it will be as it was in the Days of Noah. Perhaps it almost already is. Statistically speaking.

Is there any hope at all? I have asked myself the same question. And yes. There is a Way. There is a Truth. There is a LIFE. His Name is Yeshua (Jesus) The Messiah. He is the One that has told us how to beat this horror. He knows. And His Word is True. If you know to listen, you can hear HIS Words. What is this profound thing that is, that He has taught us to overcome? Truth. The Truth shall set us free. LOVE. This is what breaks the statistical chain. Each time you LOVE your neighbor as you would yourself, and do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, the statistic is broken, it must reboot. It can no longer go on and multiple because it has been cut off entirely.

An example? A thief comes up to you and demands your shirt. You give it to him instead. The statistic is broken. If you repay evil for evil it equals evil. If you repay kindness it voids the evil. Do not muse endlessly over this or twist the simple concept of it. Love cannot equal hate. So therein, love equals itself, which is to say Love is the Law. Can a lie stand before the Truth? No. The Truth cancels the Lie. Love cancels, and voids hate. In essence having the Law does not prevent breech of the law. The law does not produce Love. The Law produces wrath. Law does not lead to salvation, but separates you from it.

You, we, all of us; have an opportunity to go out and positively break sin’s vicious cycle. We have the opportunity to truly be Christian in practice, and not in paper. Truly, if we Love God with all the heart mind, body and soul, and love our neighbor as we would ourselves, we would be whole in the law, for the Law of the Prophets is this, LOVE thy neighbor as you would thyself, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. GOD conquers ALL. YAHWEH Reigns from Heaven Above with Wisdom, Power and Love. Truly, my God is an Awesome God, He Reigns.

A Satanist once said these words, ‘The weak ones are there to justify the strong.’ In a way despite himself, he was right, or rather GOD is right. The weak ones are there to justify the strong, for the strong take care of the weak. The Truth will win every time.

You have a God given conscious morality that knows right from wrong.

It is a gift from ADONAI EL Shaddai YAHWEH.

Love your neighbor.

Chad Green 2013
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SarahMyriaCarter Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Professional Writer
Hello I am promoting my Christian Book series Seekers,

 Seekers tells the story of Wilfride Beth Catrer, a child born of  evil's fire destined to become queen of Hell however things don't go as planned when she is born with a powerful Ice God has given her, an Ice so cold she can freeze the air you breathe.   No one knows

why God has chosen the daugther of death(Cryptimus) to carry this power.   All they do know is, She has made up her mind and is choosing to follow him for not only has given a gift everyone wants but also has shown her things no one can explian.   Leaving everything

she ever knew behind, she sets off to begin in an era of Tribulation.
Christians Have Been Duped By Zionists

The author this website is an ethnic Jew. This is not a "lets hate jews" article.  You guys really need to pick up the Talmud and see what they really think of you.

Just because someone is a jew does not give them a moral blank check to do whatever the hell they want.   We speak out against extremist muslims, nazis, liberals, La Raza, feminists, SJW's, Westboro Baptist Church....

Why is it the second someone points out heretic jews are engaging in behavior that would make a Jihadist blush that person is labelled "anti-semitic"

No other groups gets such a benefit of the doubt.

Walk into any Christian bookstore in America and you will see how virtually everyone who calls themselves a follower of Jesus Christ in this nation has been tricked into believing a false theology, which leads them to believe, erroneously, that the Bible commands them to support the Jewish nation of Israel.

The driving force behind this error was the 1909 Scofield Reference Bible, which was the first Bible printed by Oxford University Press that included theological reference notes that guide the reader as to how to "properly" understand, or interpret, the biblical text. - See more at:…
IcySouls Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Professional Writer
  Authored by Sarah Myria Carter

It is said Tribulation will a time when evil rules and good is only there by those who are saved after the Rapture and those who choose to stay behind and Seek out the ones who could be saved.
In this action pack adventure you will meet five children who have done just that...Including the daughter of the man who turned the peaceful world of TimeStar in the Era of Tribulation,
deathbewithyou Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012   Writer
Hello. My name is deathbewithyou and I have built this group called ArmorOfGod. This group is men for people who like to write christian stories whether it is fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or other. I would really like to invite anyone who likes writing novels and true stories.
Oscarliima Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I posted my work in the group, hope you enjoy :)
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[link] The little guy needs all the prayers and good wishes he can get to keep him strong. I love my little man with all my heart and am fighting to save his life. Please help me with his. Thank you for your time. May God Bless each and every one of you.
TheWandererNears Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hey folks, got a contest going on, on my page to celebrate my 100 deviations and 10k views in 4 weeks! Prize is 400 points, check it out, see if it interests you :)

Warning, it is religious based, so if by for some reason you are opposed to that, no need to join ;)
Netbug009 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011  Student Writer
Question! Are clean fics that promote a Godly theme allowed?
lisalj76 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Sure. As long is it still promotes the feeling of God.
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Does it have to be poetry? Or expieriences with God? Can it be fictions?
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